truemax concrete batching plant system

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Modern informatization construction,as the only way for the commercial concrete industry,brings many benefits to commercial concrete enterprises.Now the system of the mixing plant is all information-based and intelligent.

The system of truemax mixing station mainly includes:intelligent control system,mixing system,batching system,conveying system and weighing system.

 truemax concrete batching plant

Intelligent control system

1.Powerful functions,the batching process is displayed synchronously,and can be modified online.Two-speed coarse and fine weighing can be used,and the drop is automatically compensated to ensure higher accuracy.

2.Safe operation,with manual and automatic two operation control modes,it is more convenient to switch at any time,all kinds of safety protection are complete,maintenance is simple,and operation is safe.

Mixing system

1.Monitor intelligence,monitor the working status of the reduction box,discharge pump and electric lubricating oil pump at any time,and assist in troubleshooting.

2.The whole machine is designed with heavy shape and runs stably.

Batching system

1.The batching is stable,and the aggregate double-door and double-speed control metering and unloading perfectly takes into account the batching efficiency and accuracy.

2.It has the function of automatic drop compensation,jog blanking,automatic deduction and weighing,and the ingredients are more accurate.

The conveying system is designed with a spiral blade whose pitch increases from small to large,which is not easy to block the pipe and is stable.

batching plant system


Weighing system,accurate weighing,using three-point pull scale.The metering structure has good neutrality and strong anti-interference ability.

The above are the main systems of some batching plants.If you have any questions,please contact truemax directly,and we will provide you with relevant solutions within 24 hours.