Advantages of hydraulic concrete placing boom

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1.Flexibility:The hydraulic placing boom is currently"R-type folding arm"and"Z-type joint arm".

When the floor or column is poured,the protruding steel structure will affect boom rotation.Ordinary placing booms can only pour horizontally and cannot avoid obstacles.The hydraulic placing boom can freely expand and rotate to step over the protruding steel structure.

2.Easy to use:The hydraulic placing boom is a concrete pouring equipment operated by intelligent remote control.When the floor is poured,the steel bars linked on the floor are bundled up with iron wires.People walking on the steel bars will affect the quality of the floor.Use wireless remote control to avoid the construction personnel move around and improve construction efficiency

Advantages of hydraulic concrete placing boom

3.Construction efficiency:The construction of traditional placing boom requires more than 3 people with pouring.Every time a certain area is poured,it needs to be moved or the direction is changed by using a traction rope,which wastes time and personnel costs.The hydraulic placing boom can be poured and molded at one time,360-degree hydraulic rotation,fully achieve the effect of intelligent concrete pouring.

4.Safety:The installation method of the hydraulic placing boom:Model frame fixed installation,elevator shaft installation,and floor opening installation.The installation methods can be used to reach the safety factor,which can be constructed below the level 6 wind.Ordinary placing boom cannot achieve the effect.There is no need to worry about the hidden safety hazards of the vibration generated by concrete pouring.

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