Concrete placing machine safety operation requirements

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Requirements for safe operation of concrete placing machine:

1. When the wind speed exceeds level six, it is strictly forbidden to work on the cloth machine.

2. The distribution motor should be kept away from high-voltage lines and electrical appliances.

3. The pouring hose at the end must be fastened with a safety rope. Pouring with end hoses longer than 3 meters is prohibited. It is not allowed to insert the hose into the poured concrete, strictly follow the scope of the pouring machine.

4. When the cloth machine is working, no one should stand under the boom.

5. The pressure of the hydraulic system shall not exceed 25Mp

6. It is strictly forbidden to open the pipe joint when there is pressure in the delivery pipe and oil pipe.

7. It is strictly forbidden to remove the end hose and link the boom with another rigid delivery pipeline.

8. During the slewing process, it is strictly forbidden to perform braking or reverse operation when the whole machine is stopped. The pipe clamp of the slewing joint should not be fixed too tightly to ensure flexible rotation. The swivel joint pipe clamp must be cleaned or lubricated once per shift to seal.

9. During inspection or maintenance, the ground power supply should be cut off, and live inspection and maintenance are not allowed.

10. At the end of the work, the boom must be put away, the safety hook must be hung, the boom should be placed horizontally, and the power supply on the ground must be cut off.